Community Outreach

The Laguna Beach Branch has numerous opportunities for its members to get involved. Members volunteer their time to benefit local women and girls and further the goals of both the Association and the community.

Our programs cover a wide range of activities in education and the arts. We sponsor special events to honor local women of achievement and women authors in order to raise funds for our Educational Fund and Legal Advocacy Fund. We also work with other local groups on a variety of community projects and support many programs financially. For more information please visit the Community Grants page of this website.

Community Projects

The Community Projects committee  focuses on activities within Laguna Beach such as City Council, Laguna Beach Live!, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Greenbelt, Laguna Canyon Foundation, The Woman's Club, public schools, etc.  They often work on projects in coalition with other organizations, with branch members serving as community liaison to other community organizations.

For more information contact Madeleine Peterson, Carol Reynolds, or Cindy Prewitt.


Members along with community volunteers help El Morro elementary students build their English language skills in two tutoring programs: Help-A-Child and The Learning Club. 

For more information contact Peggie Thomas at 499-1817 or Barbara Antonacci.



AAUW Laguna Beach Foundation award scholarships to women scholars at both the high school and college level.

For more information contact Miriam Kranser or Nancy Lawrence.


Tech Trek

Tech Trek is a math/science camp designed to develop interests, excitement and self-confidnce in middle school girls.  The Laguna Beach Branch sponsors as many as seven girls each year to attend Tech Trek camps, which are held on college and university campuses throughout California.  Members volunteer their time to work with local teachers and candidate girls to select the Tech Trek winners. 

For more information contact Peggie Thomas or Eaine Lawson.


Public Policy

At various times members are asked to write letters on national and state legislative issues within the AAUW public policy guidelines.  Members also participate in the Great American Write-in annual event at UCI where AAUW is among the cosponsoring organizations.

For more information contact Elsa Brizzi or Kim Salter.

Fund Raising Events

AAUW Laguna Beach Branch members volunteer their time to organize several events each year to raise funds for AAUW's Educational Foundation, Legal Advocacy Fund and Tech Trek, as well as local community outreach projects.  These events include the annual Literary Luncheon Festival of Women Authors, Holiday Wine Tasting and other events

For information about the Literary Luncheon contact Dr. Kimberlly Salter at 493-4423 or Veronica Nice at 494-7233..

For information about the Leadership Dinner contact Jahn Levitt at 376-7675


Branch members may refer to the pages for contact information.  Others may e-mail the webmaster via the Contact Us page. 



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